1. You would be working with the agency that looks after the children

  • Peterborough City Council Children’s Service looks after children in Peterboroughbecause their birth families are not able or not suitable to care for them.
  • Our carers are kept busy with placements most of the time.
  • We match children so that they fit in with your family.
  • Your worker is a colleague of the child’s worker so you are part of a cohesive professional team

2. Excellent support

  • We have a team of highly experienced foster care social workers who provide excellent support. An increasing number of our staff have over five years experience.

3. We have Carer Support Groups

  • We provide an out of hours, 24/7 support and we are always available when you need it.

4. Professional fee and allowances

  • Carers receive generous allowances for the child’s expenses, plus a weekly professional fee (see separate leaflet for more details). This may entitle you to further benefits in family tax credit too.

5. On-going training

  • You will receive three days training before you start fostering and ongoing training throughout your foster care career.

6. Peer Support

  • All new foster carers can link up with experienced carers who can be contacted to talk things over when they want information, advice, reassurance or just to share an experience.

7. Children Who Foster Group

  • We have a special support group for the birth children of fostering families that recognises their contribution to fostering. We hold regular activities and a supportive place so they can air their views and experiences.

8. Local Support Groups

  • Our local support groups keep you in touch with other carers within your area.

9. FREE membership to Fostering Network

  • We pay for your membership to Fostering Network so you can access training, publications, mediation and advice on many aspects of fostering, including 24 hour legal advice line.

10. Events and outings

  • We hold events and outings throughout the year for you and your foster children.

11. Provision of necessary equipment and furniture

  • We provide high quality equipment and furniture free of charge while you are fostering.