Kate and Phil

Kate and Phil have been fostering for more than 20 years and have cared for over 600 children, most of those teenagers.  Listen to their incredible story courtesy of BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Kate and Antonio

Kate and Antonio began fostering two years ago. They both work full time, Kate is a nurse and Antonio is a shop worker. Courtney is their first foster child.

When Courtney came into care aged nearly 15 she barely went to school and would stay out until the early hours without permission. She had a troubled relationship with her mother and was often verbally abusive. Her foster carers Kate and Antonio reflected “we quickly realised despite her bravado, Courtney had low self esteem. She was bullied at school and she tried to ‘disappear’ into the background”. Kate and Antonio put in place a regular routine and clear boundaries for Courtney, giving her the space to ‘be herself’ and approached any issues with a sense of humour. “We made our expectations clear whilst showing Courtney we were there to support her”. Kate and Antonio realised Courtney had missed out on many things growing up so they gave her those childhood experiences. Thanks to her foster carers, Courtney enjoyed her first sleepover, trip to a theme park and meal in a restaurant.

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Now Courtney’s life couldn’t be different. She has a fantastic attendance rate at school and is even looking to staying on at Sixth Form. She has a number of hobbies including horse riding and playing in the girl’s football team. She has a stable relationship with her boyfriend and is very excited about her upcoming school prom and the beautiful dress Kate helped her to choose. Kate and Antonio are busy preparing Courtney for living independently later in the year. Her cooking and budgeting skills are coming along nicely according to Kate. Kate and Antonio plan to support Courtney when she moves out “even when she lives independently she’ll still be part of the family”.

Sarah and Alan

Sarah and Alan are experienced foster carers. Alan is a self employed electrician and Sarah is a full time foster carer. They became Joshua’s foster carers the day he was born.

Baby Joshua arrived prematurely, drug dependent and was very poorly. He was on life support and receiving specialised life saving treatment in the paediatric intensive care units at three hospitals. His birth mother did not want any contact with him. From the very beginning Sarah stayed at Joshua’s bedside. With the help and support of her family, she was able to stay in hospital with Joshua throughout his time there, providing him with much needed comfort and reassurance. Alan and their daughter visited George as often as they could, seeing him as part of their family. Sarah was delighted at the progress Joshua made (however small) and despaired at any backward step just like any parent would.

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Joshua eventually came home to stay with Sarah and Alan and their daughter. Joshua has significant health needs due to his difficult start in life. Sarah continues to care for Joshua and has been trained to undertake some of his medical tasks. Thanks to the hard work and commitment of Sarah and her family Joshua is making good progress. He is a contented baby who is much loved and cared for in his foster home. Work is underway to find adoptive parents who can give Joshua a permanent loving home.