The decision to move from your current agency to Peterborough fostering is a decision that you as a foster carer have every right to make and you should not feel pressured by your current agency to remain with them. If you need advice on transferring to Peterborough fostering we are happy to help and advise you to make this as smooth a process as possible.

Peterborough Fostering (63)

The process is straight forward and we will support you every step of the way. Contact us here and we will guide you through.

Peterborough fostering are unique locally and we think as a fostering service we are the first point of call for all social workers in the city wanting a foster placement.


  • All our carers are kept busy with placements most of the time. we are able to practically guarantee a placement!
  • We match children so that they fit in with your family.
  • Your worker is a colleague of the child’s worker so you are part of a cohesive professional team and you will have the power to really influence and improve a child’s outcomes.
  • You have direct contact with the senior managers responsible for the children in your care as we all work for the same organisation.

The full package and benefits of fostering with Peterborough fostering can be found here.