Our existing foster carers are some of our most valued colleagues. Working in partnership with children’s social workers our foster carers offer high quality home based care to babies, children and young people of all ages. Some look after just one child, others care for sibling groups. Some offer short term care, others longer periods or even throughout childhood. All of our committed foster carers bring their own life experience, a real regard for children, and a genuine desire to make a difference in the lives of the children they look after.

Peterborough Fostering (87)

Our foster carers come from all walks of life, single, married, in or out of relationships, some have experienced hardship and pain in their own lives, others have had the advantage of a relatively trouble free background. Some have disabilities, some have religious beliefs, others none. They all want to use that experience to make areal difference in outcomes for children in need of care by the Council, whether this be for a short time while work goes on to try and reunite or help families heal, or resolve difficult family issues of longer duration.

What they all share is a common hope and belief that children’s futures can be better with the right combination of love, care and encouragement. All of them are committed to working in partnership with our own staff, and with parents and other relatives where this is safe and appropriate. All of them believe that Fostering Children’s Future is a worthwhile way to invest their time and energy.

We really value our foster carers! They are great partners!